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Air Cargo Security

In recent years, all Air Cargo has been subject to delays by being 'held' at airports prior to flying to its destination. This has been purely for security reasons in order to maintain the high level of aviation safety around the world.

One major problem has been that, with the increasing use of Air as a means of transporting goods, the airports have been snowed under with freight being 'held' for the agreed period (minimum 12 hours). Something needed to be done in order to relieve the pressure on the airport warehouses.

Certain acts of parliament were passed which have now changed the way in which any Air Cargo is kept safe within a 'Security Environment.' Basically, if you as a company export your goods by Air, then you can be validated by an approved agent acting on behalf of the department of transport. This validation entails an inspection of your premises together with a review of your security procedures. If all proves satisfactory, and your standards comply with those laid down by the Department for Transport, certain training is given to your staff in order to reinforce the points concerning Aviation Security.

Once this has been done, you will be able to dispatch your goods by Air freight without incurring any delays provided that your goods are accompanied by a certificate from your company, stating that they have been packed and stored under 'secure' conditions. This certificate is a legal document and, for once, places the onus fairly and squarely on the exporter to ensure that the freight has not been tampered with in any way.

If companies do not opt for such an agreement, then their Air freight will continue to be subject to delay whilst being security screened, and additional charges are levied for that service.

The training required is quite specialised. It is divided into 4 levels depending on the 'hands-on' involvement of your staff. Once trained, staff are subject to regular refresher courses laid down by the Department of Transport.

In the UK there are only a few Department for Transport approved security training providers and even less provide training for all 4 levels. There is only one situated in the South and South West, namely ANDY FLETCHER - our M.D. Being proud of this achievement means that local companies can take advantage of the training programme, which is very necessary if air cargo forms part of their despatch operation. When your staff need training there is only one individual to ask for guidance - and that is Andy Fletcher.

ANDY FLETCHER – Aviation Security Validation Consultant

Andy Fletcher is also a DfT appointed validator carrying out the assessments on exporters as mentioned above . As part of his range of services he is also able to carry out Validation Assessments on Companies who are either considering applying to become "Known Consignors" or are existing "Known Consignors" needing assistance with alterations to premises, relocation of departments, changing procedures etc , all of which could jeopardise the security and safety of any cargo being air freighted.

A comprehensive service is available to assist Companies.

Andy Fletcher is 100% behind a new system of secure personal verification which has been devised and introduced by a fellow validator . This system could revolutionise the way in which Companies can control the high security level of visiting personnel whether they be drivers, visitors, or contractors.

For full details click the link to their web site .
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